The MBA Hiring Landscape: MBA CSC Spring 2011 Recruiting Trends Survey


The economic volatility of the last few years has brought a lot of change to MBA hiring. Join top
researchers from GMAC and Universum to hear key insights from their recently published reports. Topics
include: which industries and employers have a strong appetite for hiring MBAs and what skills they expect
from new graduates; which industries are still in recovery mode or have shifted to a different audience;
and what MBA students are seeking in terms of career goals and preferred employers. You’ll come away with
important data to help you manage prospective MBA students’ career expectations and ensure that your
next class’s goals line up with reality.

KARL-JOHAN HASSELSTRÖM, US Regional Manager,North-East, Universum
GREGG SCHOENFELD, Director, Management Education Research, Graduate Management Admission Council
JACKIE WILBUR, Senior Director, Career Development, MIT Sloan School of Management