2013 Alumni Perspectives Survey Report

2013 alumni perspectives cover

This report provides context and a holistic view of findings from the September 2012 GMAC Alumni Perspectives Survey. This 13th annual report includes responses from 4,444 alumni who graduated from the classes of 2000 through 2012, including 834 members of the class of 2012.


How successful was the class of 2012 at securing employment after graduation? What does a “typical day” of work look like for graduate business school alumni? What impact do job tasks and work environments have on job satisfaction? How do alumni assess the value of their graduate management degree?

The findings in the 2013 Alumni Perspectives Survey report answer these questions and others that address current economic and regional trends affecting alumni of MBA and other business master’s programs.

Quick Facts

  • Class of 2012 graduates indicated the highest employment rate right after graduation reported in this survey for any graduating class since 2003. Nearly 7 in 10 grads secured their job before leaving graduate school.
  • Among alumni from all graduating classes, 2000–2012, 96% were employed at the time of the survey.
  • Alumni across all graduation years work an average of 48 hours spread across a five-day workweek.