2011 Alumni Perspectives Survey Report

2011 Alumni Perspectives Survey Report Cover

This survey is designed to report on job characteristics for first jobs alumni and alumni in their current jobs, tracking career and salary progression and assessing the benefits of graduate management education.


The 2011 Alumni Survey Report offers combined data from surveys conducted in April and September 2010. A combined total of 6,877 graduate business alumni responded to the studies, and 824 respondents from the class of 2010 were included in September survey.

Discussion and analysis in the report are presented in four sections:

  • Results for the newly graduated class of 2010
  • Employment data for all survey respondents across graduation years
  • A brief look at alumni who launch their own businesses
  • Alumni opinions about the value of their graduate management degrees, their educational
    development needs, and alumni career services

Quick Facts

  • Value: On average, alumni rated their graduate business degree as excellent.
  • Job Status: Among all respondents, 93% were employed.
  • Class of 2010: 88% had jobs by September 2010.