2006-2010 European Geographic Trend Report

European Geographic Trend Report cover TY2010

This report identifies migratory trends among GMAT examinees applying to and attending graduate business school of various European countries.


The European Geographic Trend Report presents trends in the student pipeline for graduate management education. Examination of data collected from respondents taking the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) during the 2006 to 2010 testing years (TY) and from the requested destination of their score reports forms the basis for the analyses presented in this report.

Major differences in score-sending behavior were observed between TY 2006 and TY 2010 for many of the examinee groups covered in this report. This is not surprising given the global nature of higher education today, which is characterized by innovation and constant change. Many factors influence the attractiveness of certain programs to students and also the ability of students to pursue management education. This report identifies the aggregate outcomes of such dynamics.

Data from the most recent testing year are compared against data from four years prior to identify changes in examinee preferences.

Quick Facts

  • European examinees sent a total of 53,557GMAT score reports to business schools around the World in TY 2010, an increase of nearly 16,000 compared with TY 2006.
  • The prospective business school pipeline in Europe has grown significantly over the past five years with the number of GMAT exams taken increasing from 42% to 54% between TY 2006 and TY 2010.
  • The demographic characteristics of examinees has shifted with nine of the 10 largest European citizenship groups recording higher proportions of female examinees in TY 2010 than in TY 2006 and an increase in the the proportion of exams taken by those younger than 25.