Corporate Recruiters Survey Report 2015

2015 Corporate Recruiters cover, small image

May 15, 2015

The Corporate Recruiters Survey Report 2015 examines the current hiring outlook for graduate business students and analyzes findings by industry, world region, compensation, job functions, and job levels. The report examines international hiring, mobility in regional job placement, and recruiter behavior, including recruitment practices and school and candidate selection criteria. In particular it presents new analysis of MOOCs and their impact on the candidate selection process.


This report contains the summary of findings from the Corporate Recruiters Survey 2015, which GMAC conducted February through March of 2015 in partnership with EFMD, the MBA Career Services and Employer Alliance (MBA CSEA), and 113 graduate business schools worldwide. The survey drew responses from 748 employers from 47 countries around the globe—including 46 companies represented in the Fortune 100.

Quick Facts

  • The proportion of employers seeking new business school graduates continues to show a strong upward trend in 2015, as 84 percent of companies plan to add recent MBAs to their workforce. This is up from 74 percent of companies that hired these candidates in 2014 and 62 percent five years ago.
  • The proportion of companies planning to hire recent graduates of master’s programs in accounting, finance, and management is also expected to rise this year compared with 2014.
  • Overall, 69 percent of respondents say their companies are currently expanding and growing, with 16 percent of companies still overcoming economic challenges. Companies classifying themselves as growing are more likely to be seeking recent MBA candidates in 2015.
  • Globally, more than half of employers plan to increase starting salaries for new MBA hires in 2015, either at the rate of inflation (30% of companies) or higher (21%).