Indian Women Pursuing Graduate Business Degrees: 2022 Diversity Insight Series

October 2022


This research brief – a part of the 2022 Diversity Insight Series – offers insight into female Indian business school candidates, including some critical contextual issues and useful information about the student profile, demographics, interests, course and majors’ preferences, and post-GME career preferences.

The brief draws upon unique GMAC research data, particularly GMAT score-sending data and the from the GMAC Prospective Student Survey (PSS), along with expert insights, to provide recruitment teams at Asian business schools and universities with up-to-date knowledge of the students they are looking to recruit. 

Quick Facts

  • Indian Women Pursuing Graduate Business Degrees: 2022 Diversity Insight SeriesSixty-one percent of candidates who completed their undergraduate or university degrees sent their unique scores to domestic schools, while 59 percent sent them to international schools.
  • For both domestic and international schools, Indian women who sent their GMAT scores indicated business/commerce, engineering, and computer science as their top choices for undergraduate majors.
  • The most common post-GME industry of interest for Indian women is consulting services. This is true of 51 percent of female candidates who wish to study internationally and 43 percent of those who prefer to study domestically in India.