Profile of GMAT™ Candidates

Discover how many examinees took the GMAT exam in the past five years and what their average scores were.

2013 Profile of GMAT Candidates CoverHow many examinees took the GMAT™ exam in the past five years? What was the average score? Find out in our annual Profile of GMAT Candidates.

The Profile is your go-to resource for annual data about GMAT test-taker performance and demographics. It provides a snapshot of the potential applicant pool for graduate management programs around the world.

Our Latest Report

GMAC Research Report 2009-2013 Profile Executive Summary

Reports for GMAT Accepting Schools

GMAC Research Report 2009-2013 Profile of GMAT CandidatesGMAC Interactive Research GMAT Trends Tracker 2013

The Profile of GMAT Candidates is updated each November. All data presented is by Testing Year, which runs from July 1 to June 30 to mimic academic calendars at most schools.


Does your school use the GMAT exam?

If so, you can access two (free!) products related to this year's Profile, now!

  • The GMAT Trends Tracker 2013 is an Adobe Flex tool that presents nearly all of the data from this year's Profile document in a dynamic format with additional student mobility data. Within GMAT Trends Tracker you get graphical displays of the data tables, you can select and view the regions and demographics of interest to you, and you can download that data for further use.
  • The GMAT Interactive Profile lets you mine our GMAT test-taker databases and perform customized searches across multiple variables. Plus, you can view summaries of test-taking trends and create your own reports to use at your convenience.

Previous Reports

GMAT accepting schools can access previous Profile reports released by GMAC (from as early as testing year 1982-1983), by logging in and visiting the GMAC Research Library.

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