Assessment Data

Keep your finger on the pulse of the market.

GMAT® exam data allow us to gather targeted, reliable information about demand for graduate management education. We make this information available to you—for your region and worldwide.

These statistics, available only from GMAC, give you the best indication of the market today AND tomorrow.

Current GMAT Volume: A monthly resource to GMAC Member schools with 5-year comparisons. Keep track of the number of people seriously considering graduate business study. Our data can help you set expectations for the recruiting season.  

Profile of GMAT Testing: A three-part series of integrate average GMAT exam scores and test-taker demographics for exams taken over the last 5 years with student mobility data that show the types of programs—MBA, non-MBA, and doctoral—that are receiving candidate scores. The new report format is designed to offer enhanced flexibility to meet your recruiting needs. 

GMAC Geographic Trend Reports: A series of nearly 160 individual country-specific reports spanning world regions with analysis based on the latest GMAT testing data, Prospective Student Survey findings, World Bank, UNESCO, and U.S. Census Bureau data.

GMAT Interactive Profile: A database tool for detailed or summary reports of test-taker data. Research specific subsets of the GMAT test-taker population by score range, desired degree type, region, and other characteristics. (Available only to GMAT using schools.)