Reaching and Recruiting Undergrads on Campus is a GMAC Priority

GMAC has been working on providing access to the undergrad student population by allowing them to take the GMAT exam within the university campus itself. As a part of this effort in reaching out to the vast undergrad population in India, GMAC has now opened GMAT testing centres in seven undergrad campuses in cities Manipal, Tiruchirappalli, Guwahati, Vellore, Gurgaon, Bhubaneswar and Patiala. GMAC now virtually has test centres across every region of the country. The number of GMAT test centres in India have increased to a total of 27 spread across 24 cities. The exams are held round the year and the resident population in these seven new cities can now schedule their examination at these test centres.

Given the surge of pre experienced masters programs and programs that offer deferred admission like ISB’s YLP program, Harvard’s 2+2 program for undergraduate students, these new centres will help in making the GMAT exam become more accessible to students in and around the campus. Students can now write the exam as per their own convenience and comfort without having to travel long distances.

To build awareness about these newly opened test centres the marketing team in India initiated a range of activities like including signage on university website and conducting regular info sessions.

GMAC had first introduced the ‘On Campus Test Centre’ initiative in August 2014 in the region, VIT University, Vellore, since then, GMAC has also opened several new testing sites in the region including the first North East testing centre at Don Bosco, University, Assam. GMAT classes are held by several companies in these cities and on these respective campuses, and we will encourage you to spread this awareness amongst your students. 

Find the list of testing centres in India.