How Important is the GMAT in Getting Into B-School?

Use our Interactive Tool to Learn Which Application Components are Most Important

Each year, your organizations help thousands of b-school candidates achieve their best GMAT score. Why? Because candidates know their score is a critically important aspect of their application.   

For the first time this year, GMAC Research Services asked business school admissions professionals around the world just how important GMAT scores are in determining if applicants are accepted into their programs. Survey respondents were asked to distribute 100 percentage points among eight application components to indicate their level of importance. 

Using this interactive tool, you can explore their responses for yourself. Click the drop down list to filter the data by program type and study location to understand how, on average, admissions professionals weight different aspects of candidate applications, including the GMAT exam. 

Filter by Study Destination

This data was collected as a part of GMAC Research Services’ Annual Application Trends Survey, with responses from nearly 650 graduate business school programs located at 300+ universities worldwide. The summary report features data and analysis of year-on-year graduate management application volume trends, applicant pool composition, targeted candidate outreach, tuition assistance, employer funding, and more.