GMAT Improvements

Learn How We Improved the GMAT Exam Experience in 2015

In 2015 we introduced a number of new GMAT features, which have improved the GMAT experience for test takers by giving them more control and confidence to reduce their anxiety of the exam. 

Cancelled Scores Removed from the GMAT Score Report

Candidates still have the opportunity to preview their unofficial scores and decide whether to report or cancel them before leaving the test centre, but we have now removed the cancel “C” from official GMAT score reports that candidates send to schools. This provides test takers with an opportunity to present to schools the scores they feel best represent their skills. Candidates will still be able to see all their GMAT exams on their record, including cancelled scores. To get the most out of this feature, we recommend that candidates research the schools and programmes they are planning to apply to so they know what score they are willing to accept. More about the GMAT score cancel policy.

GMAT Exam Retakes Allowed After 16 Days

We have provided candidates with the option to retake the GMAT exam after 16 days instead of the previous 31-day retake period. This gives GMAT test takers the option to retake the exam within a shorter period of time in order to accommodate their schedules, study habits, peak performance times and school deadlines. However, candidates still cannot exceed five GMAT exams within a 12-month period. Whilst our new policy gives test takers greater flexibility, it is recommended that they think carefully about why they did not achieve their target GMAT score in their previous attempt and how much time and preparation they realistically need to achieve that score.

Authentication Code Replaced with Date of Birth

We have streamlined the process for candidates looking to access their GMAT score by eliminating the need to remember and retain the authentication code provided by the test centre. Test takers can now access their GMAT Official Score Report online by using their date of birth for authentication. Since scores are good for five years, this new feature will make it easier for candidates to retrieve information about their GMAT score any time they need it.

GMAT Enhanced Score Report Gives Test Takes Insight into Their Performance

In January 2015 we launched the new GMAT Enhanced Score Report (ESR), providing test takers with access to an in-depth analysis of their overall performance on the exam by question type and areas for focus and pacing. It also gives insight and analysis about how students might use the report to talk about or improve their score.  

New Content Added to Official Guides

We also added new content to the Official Guide for GMAT Review 2016 series—more than 350 never-before-seen questions across the Quantitative, Verbal and Integrated Reasoning sections of the GMAT exam—and we made significant updates to the online portal and the Official GMAT Integrated Reasoning Prep Tool.
In 2016 we will be looking at new ways to enhance the test taking experience and other improvements to the official GMAT prep products, so watch this space for more information and updates.