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GMASS data adds value to your recruiting and marketing efforts

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Whether you’re looking to segment your audience or expand your outreach, GMASS offers the ability to solve for your specific candidate recruiting and marketing needs.

GMASS Benefits

  • Create Awareness: Share information about new programs for candidates to consider
  • Target your audience: Create 2,000+ unique combinations of search parameters with over 30 search categories
  • Get the most up-to-date contacts: Set up recurring searches to reach the newest candidates in our global database and receive automatic results daily, weekly, or monthly
  • Find the right mix of candidates anytime, anywhere: Access our user-friendly web-based application, which is updated daily
  • Recruit early: Target GMAT pre-test candidates early in their decision-making process.
  • Save money: Use GMASS as a cost-effective way to build multi-channel marketing programs

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Maryke, GMASS Testimonial

"We use GMASS extensively to get leads in certain areas especially looking at demographics like age, location and work experience. It helps us to do targeted outreach in markets we're not familiar with."

Maryke Luijendijk-Steenkamp, Director Marketing and Admissions, Rotterdam School of Management

More Testimonial Videos

Aimee Akimoff, GMASS

"I can find the early career students that are unique to our program."

Aimee Akimoff
Willamette University

Stacey, Testimonial

"Using GMASS is very helpful in targeting diverse candidates and finding people from all backgrounds."

Stacey Dorang Peeler
MBA Admissions Director
Penn State

  Jeromy, GMASS

"I have the opportunity to reach individuals in a very targeted manner."

Jeromy Manser
Director of Recruitment & Marketing
University of Rochester

 Alison Menzel, GMASS Testimonial

"We have a lot of different recruitment goals we are trying to achieve, GMASS allows us to target different kinds of populations of students."

Alison Merzel
Director, MBA Admissions
The Ohio State University

Julie Barefoot, GMASS Testimonial

"GMASS is a terrific tool to find candidates who are a good match for our program."

Julie Barefoot
Associate Dean of MBA Admissions
Emory University

Amy Mitson, GMASS Testimonial

"We have great attendance at our recruiting events because we are able to reach potential students through GMASS. "

Amy Mitson
Senior Associate Director of Admissions
Dartmouth College

David Bergheim, GMASS Testimonial

"GMASS is an integral part of our marketing campaign, it allows us to reach out to potential students and find, based on certain attributes, the people who are most likely to be interested in our program."

David Bergheim
Director of Marketing
University of San Diego

Marakand Parulkar, GMASS Testimonial

"GMASS is an excellent tool that allows me access to student data."

Makarand Parulkar
Faculty Business Director
Bond University

Tiffany Nelson, GMASS Testimonial

"As we have transitioned to an international focus using GMASS has provided us the opportunity to target prospects from around the world."

Tiffany Nelson
Associate Director of Graduate Recruiting
Georgia State University

Ethan, GMASS Testimonial

"The first step in my MBA search was to gather information, to do that I opted-in to GMASS and let them come to me. I received emails from schools and that's how I found the school I am at now."

MBA Student

Alison Knight, GMASS Testimonial

"GMASS gives me the opportunity to connect with potential applicants. Since we are an American school based in France, our potential applicant pool is quite specific. GMASS allows me to communicate with applicants who have expressed an interest in studying in France."

Alison Knight
Director of Development & Recruitment
International School of Management

 Katie Mickle, GMASS Testimonial

"Using strategic messaging with names purchased through GMASS  has been one of USD's most successful marketing tools."

Katie Mickle
Admissions Director, MBA Programs
University of San Diego


"It's really important to have a diverse candidate pool. GMASS allows us to create filters and lists of names to reach diversity goals."

Martha Lua
Marketing & Recruiting
Claremont Graduate University


"When I started looking at programs that offered MBA's, I didn't really know where to look. GMASS enabled me to opt-in to schools who were interested in my background."

MBA Student

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