GradSelect Success Story with Oxford

Qualified GradSelect leads and marketing automation make Oxford’s budget work harder

School Story

<b>Recruitment Goal</b>
Be more strategic with candidate messaging and automation to optimize their spend
Adopted a new CRM which opened up their GradSelect strategy for new and improved email nurture
Confidence in a more strategic use of GradSelect data to drive automated campaigns and meet school KPIs including diversity

Reach global candidates with GMAC™ GradSelect 

GMAC™ GradSelect is the leading source of qualified candidates serious about pursuing a graduate management education. 

With over 2,000 unique combinations of search parameters using more than 35 categories, the GradSelect database provides a unique opportunity to connect directly with over 560,000 candidates that have expressed interest in hearing from business school programs like yours.

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Develop the most reliable pipeline of highly engaged candidates

<b>Discover your ideal candidates</b>
Access the largest pool of committed candidates exploring a graduate management education and increase the diversity of your classroom.
<b>Recruit with precision</b>
Our powerful data segmentation tools combined with new industry features enable schools to develop the most reliable pipeline of highly engaged candidates.
<b>Deliver authentic connections</b>
Stand out to candidates at all stages of their business education and start building meaningful connections early and continue the conversation until they reach a decision.
<b>Build brand awareness</b>
Connect with committed candidates as soon as they are ready to hear from business programs and develop personal connections with ideal candidates.

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Learn how the GradSelect Search Service can support your recruiting goals by connecting you with qualified GME candidates from around the globe and across all stages of their journey to graduate business school.

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