Lose Control Get Attention


Lose Control, Get Attention: The Art of Getting Noticed in a Socially Networked News Cycle

Why does the kid down the street attract millions of YouTube views with his video about feeding his dog while your carefully crafted video montage on life at business school barely gets two dozen? When did turning control over to the audience become a strategy instead of a mishap? When did the rules of promotion and communication change? Join this panel of communicators, new media observers, and the self-proclaimed stars of “The MBA Show” to discuss the benefits of losing control, the means to turn your audience into messengers, and the ways in which your school might become a social media news machine. Stick around after the session for a live taping of “The MBA Show.”

MIRO KAZAKOFF, Co-Host, “The MBA Show,” MBA Class of 2011, MIT Sloan School of Management
TOM ROSE, Co-Host, “The MBA Show,” MBA Class of 2011, MIT Sloan School of Management
OMAR WASOW, Co-founder and Strategic Advisor for the social networking site BlackPlanet and PhD candidate, African-American Studies and Political Science, Harvard University
KEN WHITE, Executive Director, Office of Marketing Communications, Robert H. Smith School of Business, University of Maryland
MODERATOR: RICHARD D’AMATO, Vice President, Global Communications, Graduate Management Admission Council