2010 Alumni Perspectives Survey Report

Alumni Perspectives Survey Report Cover 2010

This survey is designed to report on job characteristics for first jobs alumni and alumni in their current jobs, tracking career and salary progression and assessing the benefits of graduate management education.


The survey sample includes business school graduates who participated in the Global Management Education Graduate Surveys administered to the 2000 through 2009 classes and agreed to further follow-up. The April 2009 Alumni Perspectives Survey had 3,708 respondents, an 18% response rate from graduates of classes 2000 through 2008). The September 2009 survey (new 2009 graduates) had 3,966 respondents, a 15% response rate. This report combines data from both of the Alumni Perspectives Surveys conducted in 2009.

This survey documents job characteristics for both the first jobs alumni held after graduation and their current jobs; tracks changes in career progression and salary over time; assesses the benefits of graduate management education from a retrospective point of view; and monitors alumni’s educational and communication needs.

This report is organized into four sections:

  1. A portrait of the class of 2009 and their employment prospects.
  2. Alumni perspectives on job and career progression, salaries, and skills needed for professional success.
  3. Alumni opinions on business ethics in the workplace and its role as a part of management curriculum.
  4. Alumni perspectives on communications with their graduate business school and their ongoing relationship with their alma mater.

Quick Facts

  • Class of 2009: 84% were employed at graduation.
  • Job Success: The majority of alumni felt they made the right choice selecting their first job and that their graduate management degree was essential to that job.
  • Salary: 2 in 3 employed alumni from the class of 2009 said their starting salary met or exceeded their expectations.