GMAT Geographic Trend Report 2022 PDF

November 2022


The GMAT Geographic Trend Report 2022 presents mobility trends in the graduate management education student pipeline based on the last five testing years of GMAT exam data. 

This PDF report shares overall key findings, in addition to trends by region, including examinee demographics and score sending destinations and program types by citizenship; region as a study destination; and profiles of candidates from the top countries in each region. 

Quick Facts

  • Global business school candidates sat for 124,112 GMAT exams in TY2022, a 48.1 percent decrease from 242,714 GMAT exams in TY2018. A significant portion of the drop in TY2022 was due to the impact of COVID-19 on test center availability, candidate mobility, and uncertainty of the status of graduate programs.
  • GMAT examinees sent 255,222 score reports to programs around the world in TY2022.
  • Women represented 45 percent of global exams taken in TY2022, down slightly from 46 percent in TY2018.
  • Candidates younger than 25 represented 51 percent of global exams taken in TY2022, slightly up from 50 percent in TY2018.
  • The proportion of exams with a total score of 600 or greater increased by 7 percent over a five-year period.