Country Vignette: Pre-experience graduate management education in the Netherlands

Discover how Dutch GME has evolved and the forces driving change.


The Country Vignette Series has been developed to illustrate how pre-experience business master's degrees have evolved over a ten-year period. Focusing on the supply of, and demand for, English-language taught master's programs in a single country, each vignette combines quantitative data-compiled from GMAC research on the entire market-with qualitative insights from domestic business schools.

Quick Facts

It's difficult to imagine that until relatively recently, higher education in the Netherlands was highly domestic. Although the traditional university system was viewed favourably among society and employers, such education was largely limited to the Dutch population. But over the past two decades in the Netherlands, higher education—and with it the country’s leading business schools—has undergone huge expansion. The reforms following the Bologna Accord (1999) harmonized higher education across Europe and business master’s programs in the Netherlands attract students from around the world, drawn there by good value, high quality, English-taught degrees delivered in a small country with a reputation for welcoming international students and businesses to its shores.