Corporate Recruiters Survey – 2023 Summary Report

June 2023


The Corporate Recruiters Survey – 2023 Summary Report explores which skills employers think will characterize the future workplace – and how prepared they view graduate management education (GME) candidates to be. Based on responses from more than 1,000 corporate recruiters and staffing firms around the world, the report also examines how macroeconomic conditions are influencing hiring and salary decisions across industries and around the globe.

Quick Facts

  • 2023 GMAC corporate recruiters report cover thumbEmployers say communication, data analysis, and strategy are currently among the most important skills for GME graduates – and most say their importance will continue to grow.
  • Finance employers have concerns about GME graduates’ preparedness to thrive in the future intercultural workplace, but consulting employers feel more confident. Some tech employers have concerns on the specific cross-cultural competence of GME graduates.
  • Employers continue to value talent from in-person programs over those with online degrees or micro-credentials only, though perceptions vary by region.