2014 Year-End Poll of Employers, Summary Report

Year End Employer Poll 2014, small image

January 05, 2015


This summary report of the 2014 Year-End Poll of Employers presents actual 2014 hiring data and 2015 hiring projections for graduate management students, as reported by 169 employers worldwide. It is an abbreviated version of the report available to participating employers, which includes detailed tables by industry, company size, regional employer location, and candidate type.

Quick Facts

  • 9 in 10 employers that plan to hire business school graduates in 2015 expect to maintain or increase the number of job openings for this talent group compared with 2014.
  • A majority of employers plan to increase starting annual base salaries in 2015 at or above the rate of inflation for new MBA and business master’s hires.
  • Nearly two-thirds of employers categorize the current direction of their company as expanding or growing. These companies expect to hire a greater share of recent graduate business students in 2015 compared with those who are overcoming challenges or maintaining their current position.