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Thank you for participating in the 2014 Corporate Recruiters Survey!

Our Corporate Recruiters Survey has been providing of-the-moment hiring and employer needs data to school professionals, students, alumni, and the media for 13 years. Your contribution helps continue that tradition.

The 2014 reports (including our participant exclusives and benchmarking tools) will be available in May.  Until then, take a look at last year's public reports and other GMAC data releases about graduate employment.

 Business School Interns Earn More
Infographic: Build Your Resume.
Employment and graduate outcomes data speak to the value of internships for grads looking to enter the workforce with more experience and demonstrated skills. 

2013 Corporate Recruiters Survey Hiring Report
This survey report outlines hiring projections for 2013 by job level and new hire type, from new MBA or master's grads to experienced hires. It analyzes demand by industry and world region, salaries, job functions, and mobility in regional job placement. Participating employers receive additional statistical briefs that summarize the 2013 survey data at a deeper level as well as access to an interactive tool that allows users to customize analysis by a variety of employer and candidate characteristics.

2012 Year-End Poll of Employers Summary Report Image2013 Year-End Poll of Employers Summary Report
The summary report showcases findings from the November 2013 Poll. Employer data on hiring totals for 2013 and needs for 2014 provide business schools and students with an advance look at job market prospects. Participating employers receive an expanded version with more detailed findings for benchmarking statistics.  



Data to Go: 2013 Graduate Management Education in Canada
This data brief provides an overview of trends in graduate management education in Canada, as well as a brief look at jobs and employment trends for recent 2013 business school graduates in Canada. 

Data to Go: Job Trends & Demand for Business School in China & Hong Kong
This summary report highlights 2012 hiring outcomes for MBA and graduate management degree holders in mainland China and Hong Kong SAR, as well as graduate management education (GME) demand trends within the country and Asia-Pacific region.

Data to Go: Job Trends Outlook for India 2012
This summary report features recruitment and hiring trends and employment prospects for graduate business and management students in India and briefly spotlights trends in the Indian student pipeline for graduate management education.


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