Profiles of GMAT™ Testing

Optimize your recruitment strategies with reliable market sizing data

Quantifying the size of global demand and staying ahead of market movements help you maximize the effectiveness of your outreach. Our profile reports serve as a platform for you to jump-start your search for qualified candidates around the globe.

Our annual report series offers a five-year summary of GMAT test-taking volumes, with detailed breakdowns by Citizenship, Residence and North America of the demographic and study preference data collected from GMAT exams taken worldwide. You can use the data from these reports to build detailed candidate profiles for specific countries or world regions, track student mobility based on program preference, and target outreach and recruitment strategies.

Our Latest Reports

Past Reports

Past issues of the print Profile of Graduate Admission Test Candidates are available electronically for any graduate business school that accepts the GMAT exam for its admissions process. Log in to the GMAC Research Library and search under GMAT Test Taker Data for past issues of the Profile, which you can download for free. Issues available cover GMAT testing years 1982 through 2020.