Learn What GMAC is Doing to Increase Under-Represented Minorities in B-School.

Increasing the number and quality of under-represented minorities (URM) in the b-school classroom has continued to be a challenge for many selective business schools in the US.  

URM enrollment at for-profit institutions has been on the rise and is now approximately 37%. To better understand the URM segment, GMAC partnered with Global Sojourn—a marketing research firm to uncover the motivations, career aspirations, influencers, barriers, perceptions and other factors impacting GME consideration.

Key findings include:

  • The scarcity of URM GME success stories results in few role models for students to emulate
  • Parents comprise the largest role model group, yet less than 25% have completed college
  • The shadow of GME’s historical image – white, affluent, elite – supports self-exclusion
  • Families discourage graduate degree pursuits due to the belief that attaining a bachelor degree is sufficient and focusing on financial stability is more important.
In 2016, GMAC will launch a campaign targeting URM communities to increase awareness of graduate business education and the GMAT exam. Stay tuned for more information.