Faculty Fellowships Program

Attention researchers: The Management Education Research Institute (MERInstitute) will not be accepting grant, faculty fellowship, or doctoral student proposals this cycle. Disregard any announcements or deadlines set for 2011, and please accept our apology if this has inconvenienced you in any way. We will post a new message when a new request for proposals is released. —GMAC

About the Program

The Graduate Management Admission Council seeks applications to the Management Education Research Institute Faculty Fellowship Program. The MERInstitute offers year-long $50,000 Faculty Fellowship awards.

The Faculty Fellowships Program is designed to encourage study on issues related to graduate management education and to substantively support leading scholars doing high-quality and innovative work in this area. We encourage research proposals that will stimulate further research on management education and inform the management education community. The goal is to provide evidence-based best practices.


Typical proposal deadlines for this program are in October, but we are not accepting proposals this cycle. The following details are listed for your reference only.

The following should be included with your application letter:

  • Contact information
    • Name, Title, Affiliated Organization
    • Address, including City, State, Zip/Post Code, and Country
    • Telephone, Fax, and Email Address
  • Proposal summary and case statement with a brief review of relevant research literature
  • Description of how your focus contributes to the development of new knowledge or understanding about issues in graduate management education
  • Schedule and metrics: the plan for meeting objectives and producing the study
  • Indication of how you plan to inform the management education community of your research results

Additionally, the following must be submitted separately with the application:

  • Current curriculum vitae or resume
  • Confirmation from department head that you can use the amount of time proposed

How to Apply

Submit an electronic copy of your application letter and related materials to research@gmac.com. Contact Rachel Edgington at +1-703-668-9830 with any questions regarding the application or the submission process.

Selection of faculty fellowship candidates is based on the following factors:

  • The candidate possesses a distinguished academic record, as demonstrated through sustained theoretical, methodological, and/or empirical research in high-caliber academic journals and/or by outstanding service to the profession (e.g., editorships, editorial board participation, or holding important offices in professional organizations).
  • The research focus is innovative, thought-provoking, and/or creative. Research does not need to be quantitative.
  • The research focus is highly relevant to graduate management education.
  • The outcome of the research will inform, and make a significant contribution to, the graduate management education community.

Citizens of all nations are encouraged to apply.