2011 Call for Proposals

Attention researchers: The Management Education Research Institute (MERInstitute) will not be accepting grant, faculty fellowship, or doctoral student proposals this cycle. Disregard any announcements or deadlines set for 2011, and please accept our apology if this has inconvenienced you in any way. We will post a new message when a new request for proposals is released. —GMAC


Typical proposal deadlines for this program are in October, but we are not accepting proposals this cycle. The following details are listed for your reference only.

The MERInstitute invites research proposals that investigate issues of value to the graduate management education community. Topic areas of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:

Admission and Selection

  • Impact of policies and procedures involved in selecting students for admission to graduate schools of business
  • Relationships between student and/or school characteristics and progress through the graduate management education "pipeline" from recruitment through admission, matriculation, and graduation
  • Factors influencing changes in the characteristics (demographic, socioeconomic, psychological, and educational) of students seeking and gaining admission to graduate schools of business
  • Effects of industry and market conditions on demand for graduate management education

Defining and Evaluating Success

  • Evaluating the value added by graduate management education, including the return on investment for students, alumni, and employers
  • Defining and evaluating success metrics for students and managers—success in the program, job performance, career success, etc.


  • Comparison of MBA and non-MBA career paths and success
  • Effects of student characteristics on school performance and postgraduate management education career paths
  • Effects of school and program characteristics on the subsequent career paths and success of graduates of graduate management education programs


  • Effects of the environment (e.g., globalization; workplace diversity; new technologies; and political, social, and economic elements) on curriculum
  • Causes and consequences of curriculum change
  • Best practices for implementing curricular change, integrating international curriculum, etc. 
  • Competency and skill needs and assessment from the perspectives of students, alumni, faculty, and/or employers

How to Apply

Submit an electronic copy of your proposal and related materials to research@gmac.com. Contact Rachel Edgington at +1-703-668-9830 with any questions regarding the application or the submission process.

Please refer to the Grants Program, Faculty Fellowships Program, or Doctoral Student Fellowships Program prior to submitting your proposal for details on proposal requirements and criteria.

Citizens of all nations are encouraged to apply.