Application Trends Survey Benchmark Reports

Thank you for participating in the 2010 GMAC® Application Trends Survey. As a survey participant, you are eligible to receive a complimentary customized benchmark report for each program type you reported. 

If you would like to review the list of schools that replied for each program type prior to making your peer school selections, the complete list is available here: 2010 Application Trends Survey Participating Schools, by Program Type.

Report Request Forms

Benchmarking reports are available for the following program types*:

*If the program types listed do not fit your particular program needs, please contact us at We will do our best to provide benchmarking metrics more suited to your program. Please be advised that customized requests may require additional processing time.

How to Submit Your Request

To request your reports, please complete the following**:

  1. Click the link in the list above for each applicable program type you reported.
  2. Where prompted on the form, select your school from the drop-down list of schools that submitted data for that program type and select a minimum of five other schools for which you would like to receive an aggregated benchmark report.
  3. Then click the Submit by Email button. 
  4. In the Select Email Client window, please select the option that best describes how you send mail, and click OK.
  5. Then click the Send Data File button.
**Note: If you encounter any problems with the PDF forms or would just prefer to submit your requests as email attachments, simply fill out the forms and save them to your computer. Then send your completed forms as email attachments to

Remember, we can only generate benchmark statistics for a given program type if you submitted data for that program type and you must select five or more peer programs per program type for us to generate the reports. You will see responses in aggregate to protect the confidentiality of individual schools.


There is no deadline for you to submit a request. The report request forms will be available online for one year, until next year's forms are posted, and after that, will be available upon request indefintely. We will prepare your customized benchmark reports within 14 days upon receipt of your completed form. When your unique report is ready, we will send it to you electronically via email.

If have any questions or require any assistance with this process, please contact Tacoma Williams at +1-703-668-9834 or send an email to