The 2023 Corporate Recruiters Survey Summary and Benchmark Data Reports

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The Graduate Management Admission Council, together with survey partners EFMD and the MBA Career Services and Employer Alliance (MBA CSEA), conducted the survey from January till March 2023, in association with the career services offices at participating graduate business schools worldwide. This survey, which we refer to as the Corporate Recruiters Survey examines the job outlook for recent graduate business students as well as employer needs and expectations.

In total, 1028 respondents completed this survey, including 667 corporate recruiters and 361 from staffing firms came from 34 countries worldwide.

The objectives of this data tool are to report on:

  • The current employment landscape and gauge the demand for Graduate Management Education
  • The skills employers seek in recent business school graduates
  • Salary projections and additional compensation, such as benefits and bonuses
  • Employer needs and hiring practices and trends across industries and world regions

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Data Report

GMAC is also pleased to offer you this interactive tool for creating benchmark reports from our annual surveys. The advantages of this online format are instant results and multiple data export options. In fact, each program that responded can create up to FIVE unique benchmark reports.

To run your benchmark reports, click the 'Benchmark Report' button below. From the list of participating programs, select your comparison group. Keep in mind, you will NOT see your program listed among the participating programs. You will see the aggregate responses from your employers in comparison with the five or more programs you select.

Remember that you are limited to five queries that will each generate its own separate report. Once you create a benchmark report, it will be saved and available to you within the tool each time you open it. Use these queries to compare your program with your direct competitors, programs you hope to compete with, or those in a particular region. The choices are yours.

Note: Some views are suppressed due to small sample sizes. Also, percentages are rounded so they may not add to 100%. Tools created by Prateek Singh, Ankit Nashine, and Katie Bao. 

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