Market Research

GMAC provides timely information to help drive your strategic decisions.

GMAC trends analysis and statistical data on graduate business education inform business and employment reporting in leading news publications. Below is a list of the research we produce.

Lock Research Insights: Stay ahead of industry trends with GMAC's new information platform that delivers new short articles on a weekly basis on diverse topics that reflect the latest news and events in the graduate management education industry. This new site aggregates up-to-date data-driven insights to help business schools worldwide build competitive advantages in admissions and program management. 

GMAC Survey Report

GMAC Surveys: See your programs, students, employers, and alumni reflected in the latest data and use that information to make fact-based organizational decisions in admissions, program design, and career services.

GMAC Interactive ResearchInteractive Research: Use interactive research tools to visually display trends and export data. (Note: Due to the rich potential for market advantage, access to our most detailed tools is limited to GMAT using schools and study participants.)

GMAC Data To Go ItemData to Go: Get rich data from test takers and survey research in focused briefs about particular markets, respondent segments, and topics of interest.

GMAC Research ReportResearch Reports: Stay up to date on the latest research about high-stakes testing, GMAT validity, and studies related to the business education market. Many of these white papers by GMAC researcher staff and MERInstitute award winners have been published in respected research publication and journals.

For quick access to all of our research available online, including exclusives for GMAT using and GMAC member schools, visit the GMAC Research Library.
Check the GMAC Research Calendar for important dates.