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GMAC Research Survey Series

Five Ways GMAC Research Can Support Your Mission

The Graduate Management Admission Council is a nonprofit organization of leading graduate business schools from around the world actively committed to advancing the art and science of admissions. The Council provides solutions necessary for business schools and candidates to discover and evaluate one another to ensure that talent never goes undiscovered. 

In service to its mission, GMAC's market intelligence and research about the graduate management education industry sets a standard as a go-to resource for business school professionals because it is:

  • Reliable—We know the importance of quality, timely, and relevant data and conduct our analyses with a focus on integrity and responsibility.  
  • Actionable—Our survey research is designed with schools in mind, to help support your strategic decisions in admissions, program design, and career services.
  • Forward-Looking—Participating schools are the first to learn what programs are growing the fastest, what global regions are attracting the most students, and who is hiring their graduates.
  • Newsworthy—Our trends analyses inform business & higher education reporting in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Bloomberg Businessweek, Times of India, Financial Times, and other media.
  • FREE—Participation in GMAC’s annual surveys is free to graduate business schools and programs worldwide!

Exclusive Participant Benefits

Graduate business schools that participate in our surveys receive:

  • Early-Release Survey Reports summarizing key findings and their implications for the industry, with year-to-year trends. 
  • Interactive Data Reports that offer survey participants multiple ways to create customized views of detailed demographic data most relevant to your program. 
  • Benchmark Reports—a free online tool that lets schools generate instant reports comparing your results against those of your peer schools.

Make the most of GMAC data by participating in our survey research. Your next opportunity is just around the corner. Sign up is open year-round.