Maximize Your Marketing: Connect and Engage Candidates Earlier in the Pipeline with GMASS

Group of Business Professionals Working Together

Connect with candidates earlier in the pipeline with the GMASS!

GMAC and Royall & Company, a leader in student recruitment solutions, will discuss proven strategies using GMASS searches to successfully recruit candidates earlier in the business school decision process.


  • How GMASS pre-test leads offer you the chance to influence candidates early in the process and get them thinking of your program first
  • Real examples from your peers on how to successfully use GMASS pre-test leads in your marketing communications to engage your prospects
  • A discussion of prospective survey results and how to use these results to tailor your marketing campaigns
  • A review of GMASS unique search parameters available to help you solve for your specific candidate recruiting and marketing needs



Deborah Bibb, Assistant Dean, Admissions, Weatherhead School of Management, Case Western Reserve University
Paula McKay, Director, School Products, GMAC
Jennie Bailey, Associate Principal, Continuing Education Programs, Royall & Company


James Barker, Market Development Manager, EME, GMAC