MERInstitute Award Recipients

The MERInstitute has awarded nearly US$1,380,000 in grants and fellowships since 2006.



Robert C. Liden, University of Illinois at Chicago and Anand Smriti, Illinois Institute of Technology. Idiosyncratic Deals in the Workplace and Employees’ Career Outcomes: The Role of an MBA Degree. 2011 Award of $83,456.

Timothy T. Baldwin, Indiana University , Career Attainment and Satisfaction of High Potential Graduates: A Longitudinal Study of Business Honors Students, 2010 Award of $75,400.

Robert Rubin, DePaul University, Quantifying Academic Quality: Establishing Program-level Criteria in Graduate Management Education, 2010 Award of $80,000.

Yehuda Baruch, Rouen Business School, Management Education and Careers – A Human Capital Exploration, 2010 Award of $84,673.

Shaun Pichler, California State University, Fullerton, The Antecedents and Outcomes of Managerial Interpersonal Skills: Development and Validation of a Measure, 2010 Award of $100,000.

Robert A. Giacalone, Temple University, Aligning Shifting International Values and the Management Curriculum. 2009 Award of $92,000.

Jenny M. Hoobler, Grace Lemmon, and Sandy J. Wayne, University of Illinois of Chicago, The Role of the MBA Degree and other Human Capital Factors in Mitigating the Effects of Managerial Stereotyping on Career Outcomes. 2009 Award of $47,730.

Denise Jepsen,  University of Technology, Sydney, Development of the desire for graduate study; A multi-site, longitudinal investigation of undergraduates' knowledge of and aspirations for graduate study. 2009 Award of $46,770.

Charles A. Scherbaum, Harold W. Goldstein, Hannah Rothstein, and Richard Holowczak, Baruch Colldge, City University of New York, Improving Graduate Business School Admissions: Supplementing the GMAT with Alternative Predictors. 2009 Award of $100,000.

Kenneth Brown, University of Iowa and Jean Bartunek, Boston College. Evidence-based Management or Something Else? An Examination of Content and Process in the Management Classrooms of AACSB Accredited MBA Programs. 2008 Award of $33,143.

Erich C. Dierdorff and Robert S. Rubin, DePaul University. The Relevance, Requirements, and Ramifications of Specialized MBA Programs. 2008 Award of $71,686.

Wayne Grove, Le Moyne College and Syracuse University and Andrew Hussey, University of Memphis. Estimating the Intrinsic and Extrinsic Returns to Multiple Measures of MBA Quality. 2008 Award of $80,835.

Alison Konrad, University of Western Ontario. A Longitudinal Study of Social Capital Utilization: Race, Gender, and Citizenship Effects. 2008 Award of $89,850.

William J. Lundstrom, Cleveland State University. Assessment of MBA Attitudes towards the Business Community: A Measure of Students’ Current Attitudinal State. 2008 Award of $74,895.

Ben Arbaugh, University of Wisconsin; Regina Bento, Harvard Business School; Alvin Hwang, Pace University. Factors Influencing Career Choice Changes Among MBAs. 2007 Award of $30,000.

Robert Marx, University of Massachusetts; Joseph Garcia, Western Washington University; D. Anthony Butterfield, University of Massachusetts. Preparing Business School Doctoral Students for Classroom Teaching: An Examination of Current Practices. 2007 Award of $100,000. 

Joy Schneer, Rider University. Managerial Career Success: A Twenty-Year Study of Career Paths of Men and Women MBAs. 2007 Award of $84,524.

Scott Seibert and Maria Kraimer, University of Iowa. The Role of MBA Education and Other Management Development Programs in Manager’s Early Career Paths. 2007 Award of $75,000.

Ben Arbaugh, University of Wisconsin; Regina Bento, Harvard Business School; Alvin Hwang, Pace University. Regional Influences on the Pursuit of MBA Education. 2006 Award of $65,250.

Siva Balasubramanian, South Illinois University. The Value of Business School Attributes: An Empirical Investigation. 2006 Award of $27,000.

Erich C. Dierdorff and Robert S. Rubin, DePaul University. Toward a Comprehensive Empirical Model of Managerial Competencies. 2006 Award of $67,415.

Brooks Holtom, Georgetown University; Edward Inderrieden, Marquette University. In Search of ROI: The Value Added by Graduate Management Education. 2006 Award of $19,996.

Kai Peters, Ashridge Business School. The Diffusion of Fundamental Research into MBA Programs. 2006 Award of $28,000.

Anson Seers, Virginia Commonwealth. Differentiation in the Supply of MBA Graduates with Respect to Quality and/or Cost. 2006 Award of $29,440.

Mark Wellman, University of Maryland. The Impact of the MBA and Business School Tier on Career Success Outcomes. 2006 Award of $38,447.

Faculty Fellowships

J.B. Arbaugh, University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh, Disciplinary Effects on the Design of Online and Blended MBA Courses. 2009 Faculty Fellow.

Sara L. Rynes, University of Iowa. Evidence-Based Management in Organizations and the Classroom: Current Realities and Future Prospects. 2008 Faculty Fellow.

Robert Giacalone, Temple University. Expanding and Refining the Business Ethics Course Content. 2007 Faculty Fellow.

Roger Kerin, Southern Methodist University. Current State of MBA Marketing Education. 2007 Faculty Fellow.

Doctoral Student Fellowships

Sabrina D. Volpone, Temple University. Priming the Pipeline: Exploring Diversity Climate as an Antecedent to Graduate Student Success. 2011 Doctoral Student Fellow.

Samuel A. Swift, Carnegie Mellon University, Inflated Candidates: Attribution Errors in Graduation Admission Decisions. 2010 Doctoral Student Fellow.

Shameem Farouk, Indiana University, Beyond the Classroom: Predicting Applied Management Knowledge Among United States and Malaysian MBA Students. 2010 Doctoral Student Fellow.

Amy M. Gannon, Boston University. On Becoming an Entrepreneur: Exploring How African American Business Owners Construct Their Identities. 2009 Doctoral Student Fellow.

Mathew S. Isaac, Northwestern University. Smiles and Tiers: the Influence of Business School Rankings on Student Recruitment and Satisfaction. 2009 Doctoral Student Fellow.

Dianne Bevelander, RSM Erasmus University. Network Development in MBA Programs. 2008 Doctoral Student Fellow.

Gerard Beenen, Carnegie Mellon University. Learning Fast and Hiring Slow: Understanding MBA Internships Effectiveness. 2007 Doctoral Student Fellow. 

Aurora S. Chen, Cranfield School of Management. A Mid-Career Study of Female MBA Graduates in the UK and Taiwan: Identifying Career Benefits in Corporate Life. 2007 Doctoral Fellow.

Scott DeRue, Michigan State University. Work Experience in Management Education: More Isn’t Always Better, But... 2007 Doctoral Student Fellow.

Rocio Bonet, The Wharton School. Value Added by the MBA. 2006 Doctoral Student Fellow.

Jamie Ladge, Boston College. Identity-Altering Role Transitions: A Study of Career Women and the Transition into Motherhood and Back. 2006 Doctoral Student Fellow.

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