Video transcript: Corporate Recruiters Survey: Employer Data to Help Your Graduates

Rebecca Baer: I think it's really important to understand what the market wants, and the corporate recruiter survey gives program directors and other folks who are looking into graduate management education a direct line into the minds of recruiters.

Melissa Mikolajczak: What we've been trying to do is understand how can we better marry competencies and skills that employers are looking for, such as critical thinking or communication, along with those strategic skills and more industry specific skills around a various function, whether it be MBA or concentration in human resources for example.

Harriet Lenay Johnson: If we know that there's a specific need that recruiters have, we want to make sure to be able to provide those resources to our students throughout the program. Whether it be soft skills, or whether it be specific additions to our curriculum that can be added so our students can be successful applicants into the workforce.