Identification and Personal Items

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On the day of your assessment, arrive at the test center at least 30 minutes prior to your appointment. For online appointments login at least 30 minute prior to your appointment for the check-in process.

Identification Requirements

You are required to present an original (not a photocopy) ID that is valid (unexpired *) and government-issued. Your identification must include:

  • A recent, recognizable photo
  • Your name in the Roman alphabet, spelled exactly as you provided at registration
  • Your signature
  • Your date of birth as you provided at registration

Acceptable forms of identification include: 

  • Passport 
  • Government-issued driver’s license
  • Government-issued national/state/province identity card (including European ID card)
  • Registration card (such as green card, permanent resident, visa)
  • Military ID card

*We know under the current COVID-19 pandemic some services and access has been interrupted. As a result, IDs with an expiration date between January 01, 2020, and the date of the exam will be accepted

Note: Special identification requirements apply in certain countries and to citizens of certain countries. Please review the Executive Assessment Policies and Procedures page for further information about your country's specific requirements. If you are unable to present the correct identification at the Test Center, you will not be allowed to complete your test and your registration fee will be forfeit.

What about personal items or calculators, are they allowed?

Personal items, including calculators, mobile phones, study notes, and guides are not allowed in the test room or in the room where you take your online assessment. In a test center, you will be provided with a locker to store your personal belongings. Note that the test administrator is not responsible for lost or stolen items. For the online assessment, no prohibited items are allowed within arms reach of your workstation. If you access your mobile phone at any time during the assessment, the assessment will be cancelled and your fee will be forfeited. 

 A calculator will be available for use during the Integrated Reasoning section only. Calculators are not allowed during the Quantitative section. Instead, a note board and marker will be provided.

What if I need my mobile phone?

You may not have your mobile phone with you bring your test center or online assessment.  If you do access your cell phone at any time during your assessment time, your assessment will be cancelled, and your assessment fee will be forfeited. 

Will there be any breaks provided?

No breaks will be provided during your assessment. If an emergency arises and you must take a break, raise your hand in person or online to notify the administrator. The assessment timer will NOT stop during your unscheduled break.

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