Why the Executive Assessment?

One assessment. 2 Ways.

With a full calendar at the office and a myriad of obligations outside of work, pursuing your business degree is a big step, but once you’ve made that decision, what comes next should fit both your priorities and your experience. The Executive Assessment is offered online or in a test center - or both! 

Bring out your best where you test. You might feel more at ease at home with the online assessment or prefer the structure of a test center. Both options will always be available to you to help you meet your application deadlines.

 Structured Environment

Structured Environment

Individual workstations with no outside interference.

One Assessment. 2 ways. 



 Take at Home

Take it at Home

Take the Executive Assessment in the comfort of your own home.

 GMAT online questions

Secure Location

In-person proctors and monitoring during your exam.

 Live Proctor

Live Proctor

Raise your hand to speak to a live proctor.



Get your unofficial results upon completion of your exam.

GMAT Online Scores

Score Reports

Accessible in your My Account Dashboard within 7 business days.

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Trying to decide where you want to take the Executive Assessment ? Learn about the two options with this guide.

About the Executive Assessment

Designed specifically for busy, experienced professionals, the Executive Assessment:

  • Evaluates your business school readiness
  • Values the knowledge and real-world experience you will bring to the program
  • Allows you to use your results to sharpen your skills before your program begins
  • Offers the convenience and flexibility you deserve – minimum preparation, exam is 90 minutes, and easy rescheduling options

Podcast Episodes About The Executive Assessment

Manish Dharia, Director of Product Management at GMAC, tells you about the Executive Assessment by discussing what it is, how it is used, and how you can benefit from taking it to meet your business school goals. Manish also discusses how to prep for the Executive Assessment in another episode.

In the third episode, Brett Twitty, the Senior Director of Admissions at the University of Virginia Darden School of Business gives a first-hand account of what a program looks for in candidates during the admission process. He discusses the value of the Executive Assessment and talks about the overall impact of the Executive Assessment on a candidate's journey through business school.


Hear from a student on why he chose to take the Executive Assessment: 

Video Transcript

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