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Two-Part Series About Underrepresented US Populations Offers Approaches for Schools to Broaden Their Appeal to These Growing Markets

New Release | October 12, 2016

Increasing Graduate Management Education Diversity: Improving Attraction to Underrepresented Segments

This is the second report in a two-part research series about the growing challenge and opportunities for US business schools to increase the engagement of underrepresented student populations (URPs) in graduate management education (GME). The white paper, coauthored by GMAC staff and globalsojourn, inc., a marketing strategy and research firm based in Seattle, WA, offers insights into the URP population and their path to GME and offers recommended actions for business school professionals to apply these insights to their strategies for improving GME attraction within these cultural segments. Findings are based on a two-stage research methodology involving both qualitative and quantitative methods, including 84 in-depth online interviews with prospective and current URP students, academic advisors, and parents; and more than 1,200 web-based surveys conducted among URP populations that included college-bound high school seniors, undergraduate students, working professionals, and current GME students. Download the report.

Understanding Underrepresented Populations in the Business School Pipeline

Released August 16, 2015

Authored by two GMAC researchers, this is the first white paper in a two-part series to examine the shifting US racial and ethnic demographics and projected growth among US minority populations and the challenges these developments pose for US business schools to increase the opportunities for minority students to participate in graduate management education. This paper explores data from GMAC’s Prospective Student Survey conducted in 2015 among registrants and details various aspects of two specific US minority populations—African Americans and Hispanic Americans—that make them distinct from non-URP groups and from each other—from where they live, to personal values, their motivations to pursue graduate management education, and career goals. The paper offers business school professionals with analysis to enhance their outreach strategies for US underrepresented populations. Download the report.

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About the Research Report Series

The Research Report Series is GMAC’s go-to resource for white papers on a wide range of topics, themes, and trends of interest to the graduate management education community, which have been authored by GMAC staff and grant awardees of the Management Education Research Institute (MERInstitute). Topics include:

  • Current business school students, alumni, and prospective students;
  • Curricula review of MBA and business master’s programs, school branding choices, return on investment of MBA programs;
  • Population-specific studies on race, ethnicity, and gender and examination of factors that influence their enrollment or success in MBA programs;
  • GMAT validity studies that offer in-depth data about GMAT scores that may predict student success in graduate business programs; and
  • High-stakes testing innovations and practices and impact of changes in test methodology, test design.

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