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Ask the School Experts

What is the Ask the School Experts Blog?

This blog, featured on our student website, provides advice and insights from admissions professionals around the world to our student audience. We'll feature your insights for approximately two weeks, and the content will be archived and available to prospective students indefinitely.

Why Participate?

Participating in the Ask the School Experts blog lets you share your insights into the application process, the classroom, careers, and more. Your contribution can be a written blog entry or a video clip.

Who Can Participate?

Admissions professionals from GMAT-Accepting schools are encouraged to participate in this free service.

What's Involved?

The total time commitment averages between two to three hours for a written blog post of approximately 500 words. Video blog posts range between two to three minutes and are coordinated periodically at our Annual Conference or by special request.

How is the Ask the School Expert Blog Promoted?

Each new blog post is promoted on the homepage of along with a photo of the author. The blog is also promoted on the Official GMAT Facebook page, the Official GMAT Twitter page and through promotional email marketing to students. 

How Many Students Read this Blog?

The Ask the Expert Blog has received over 110,000 views in the past year, averaging about 9,000 views per month.

How Do I Get Started?

Submit your Participate in Promotional Opportunities form and we will contact you to coordinate a topic (you may select one from a list of questions we hear frequently from students, or you may suggest your own), develop a schedule, and provide tips and information.