New Enhancements Coming to GMASS™ Tool

New improvements will help schools better target their audience and refine their messaging.

Sep 19, 2017


Going Global

Starting at the end of September, several new changes will be implemented to the background information of incoming candidates. These improvements will help schools better target your audience and refine your messaging, by providing valuable and more precise information about candidates.

The enhancements will allow schools to search on these updated criteria, and receive it in your GMASS download file. Please note: These new enhancements will affect the download file and the system will need to be updated to reflect these changes.

New options added:

  • Second and Third Language
  • Ethnicity – multi-select functionality
  • Undergraduate (University) Secondary Field of Study
  • Current or Most Recent Company
  • Degree Type – Multi-Select Functionality
  • Industry After Degree – Multi-Select Functionality

More precise response options available:

  • Preferred Region of Study
  • Employment While Pursuing Degree
  • Industry Before Degree
  • Industry After Degree
  • Functions Before and After Degree
  • Degree Concentrations
  • How Candidates Choose to Pursue Degree

For full details on the enhancements, including a sample download file and walk-through guide: