GMAC Lowers Price, Adds Flexibility for GMASS™ Purchase Option Feature

GMAC has improved the purchase option feature for its Graduate Management Admission Search Service™ (GMASS™) data to reflect the most current data of candidates.

Jun 20, 2017


The GMASS Purchase Option feature “Purchased names with updated profiles” price has decreased from the price of $0.90 to a new price of $0.50 per name for updated profiles. For example, if a school purchased a candidate’s profile, and the profile was later updated to include a new GMAT score – the school will no longer have to pay the full price to receive the updated profile.

In addition, schools will now be able to choose what updated information is important to them. They can choose whether they want candidates who have updated their GMAT score, contact information, background information, or all the above. Schools will receive all information for their selected candidates for one low price of $0.50 per name, per search.

Benefits of this new feature will allow GMASS users to:                

  • Enhance marketing messages by knowing the most current information about your candidate.
  • Take the opportunity to reach out to test-takers repeating the GMAT exam and increase the ability to connect with the right candidates.
  • Find the right candidate at the right time – candidates are staying in “pre-test” status longer. Purchasing an updated profile increases the ability to provide valuable information about programs to a more ready and responsive candidate.
  • Have the freedom to choose what updates are important to you, whether it be a candidate’s GMAT score, contact information, background information, or a combination of those factors.

Access this new feature.