Graduate Management News

January 2017

The Newsletter of the Graduate Management Admission Council

GMASS™ Enhancements and New Price Are Here

New features add value to the user experience and new pricing better reflects the value of the tool.

GMASS Features

As of January 3, 2017, the Graduate Management Search Service (GMASS) tool has new features that will add value to the user experience and new pricing to better reflect the value of the tool. Please note that the new features, announced in the November issue of Graduate Management News, will affect your download file. There will be new fields and updated content in the file that you will need to update your system. Click here for a sample download file.

Here is an overview of the recent enhancements:

  • New information about candidates, including GMAT exam date.
  • More precise data and custom searching
  • Precise Data and Custom Searching
  • More precise GMAT score ranges: Schools can search for and view candidate score ranges in increments of 20 points (3 possible scores) rather than 30 points (4 possible
  • scores.)
    • Old Score Ranges: 770-800, 730-760, 690-720, etc.
    • New Score Ranges: 780-800, 750-770, 720-740, etc.
    • An exact number rather than a range for age and years of work experience. Schools can select their own custom lower- and upper- bounds during their GMASS search, rather than using pre-defined ranges.
    • Improved viability of the candidate pool:
      • Initiatives to remove candidates from the database in the timeliest manner, when they are no longer interested in hearing from schools.
      • New candidate-facing marketing campaigns to educate candidates about the value of the GMASS service and encourage increased opt-ins.

GMASS pricing has also been adjusted to reflect the value of the tool more accurately. The new price of a GMASS name has changed from the current price of $0.75 to a new price of $0.90 per candidate profile.

Click here for full details on the enhancements, including a sample download file and walk-through guide, or contact your local GMAC representative.