Make It Happen: Top Professional and Personal Productivity Apps

If you aim to be more productive, adding the right apps to your device can make a difference in how you manage your professional and personal time.

Aug 22, 2017


Make it Happen

Let’s face it. We live in a device-centric world. We take our smartphones everywhere and rely on them to help us manage our lives. The following roundup, from Francesco D’Alessio, a productivity app reviewer who has been featured on CNET, Microsoft, Todoist’s Blog and more, does a great job breaking down his favorites into several essential categories:




  • Task managers, including apps for work/life balance and list management
  • Organizers, including apps for note taking, project management, and list filtering
  • Time savers, including apps for scanning, measuring productivity, and even tracking distractions
  • Learning, including books summaries, yoga, and ambient “productivity sounds”
  • New tools for email tracking, memo management, reminders, and managing calendars.

Read the full list with reviews here.