How Did Your Candidates Connect with You? We Want to Hear Your Students’ GMASS™ Success Stories

Schools and prospective students are using the Graduate Management Admission Search Service™ (GMASS™) database to make the perfect match.

Aug 22, 2017


GMASS Success

For graduate business schools worldwide, the Graduate Management Admission Search Service (GMASS) puts you in control of the process matchmaking, from purchasing a list of candidates, to defining search criteria, through to interviewing and enrolling candidates. Alternatively, for prospective business school students, one of the benefits of creating a profile on is the option to join the GMASS database, where they can showcase their unique skills, talents, and help schools find them.

Over 500 schools around the world are actively searching for the right candidates for their programs, and each year, thousands of connections are made through GMASS. With so many options available, GMASS data helps both schools and candidates find the right fit based on factors such as location, program type, and functional areas of interest.

For prospective students, finding the right program can be a complicated process. Opting in to the GMASS database makes it easier for schools to come to them.

Visit to hear former students discuss how GMASS helped them find programs tailored to their interests.

We Want to Hear Your Students’ Stories

The Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) has launched the “I Found My School!” video contest, a chance for your current students to share how they connected with your school. Did they receive an email inviting you to an event? A text message from an admissions counselor? Let us know!

Student videos must include the school they are attending by name, describe how they connected with the school through GMASS (e.g. received an email invitation for an event), and be creative! Share the link below to offer your current students a chance to win a prize!

First place will receive a $1,000 Amazon gift card, and five runners-up will receive $100 Amazon gift cards!

The deadline for submissions is Friday, September 15, at midnight Eastern Time. Winners will be announced by late September.

For full details, pass along this link to your current students: