Graduate Management News

September 2016

The Newsletter of the Graduate Management Admission Council

Connect Students with Your Scholarship Opportunities: A GMASS™ Success Story

Discover how targeted GMASS™ searches can help you connect prospective students with financial aid opportunities.

Many GMASS users know from experience that the subscription-based search service, offered by GMAC, can help them find qualified candidates for their programs. But what about highly targeted searches to fill a specific need, like scholarship opportunities? We invite you to hear directly from a school and a candidate to see a complete picture of a successful GMASS search and match.

For Zoe Kourounakou, director of International Relations, ALBA Graduate Business School at The American College of Greece, identifying top quality international students who will join the school at the next intake is not always an easy task since ALBA is located in Greece, a relatively non-popular educational destination. For students like MSc Finance candidate Bekhzod Kayumov, who have limited financial capabilities, finding financial aid and scholarship opportunities can be challenging. Discover how the GMASS search service helped both parties meet their needs.

Graduate Management News caught up with Zoe and Bekhzod to ask them about their experience making a GMASS connection.

How did the GMASS service help you find a student for your scholarship offerings?

Zoe Kourounakou: GMASS helped us find Bekhzod Kayumov, a Master’s in Finance candidate from Uzbekistan and a member of the class of 2016. Bekhzod was among the highest GMAT scorers globally. We tailored our mailing campaign to the highest scorers, offering them a 100 percent scholarship. As soon as Bekhzod received our e-mail, he replied back and initiated the application process.

“GMASS gives us the flexibility we need to target the exact candidates we need, the size we want, the countries we prefer, and the demographics that best fit our classes.”

Zoe Kourounakou
Director of International Relations
ALBA Graduate Business School

What happened after you opted into the GMASS search service on

Bekhzod Kayumov: Just after completing the GMAT exam, I opted into GMASS, provided my background information, and started to receive communications from schools about scholarship opportunities. I also received communications from US, French and Norwegian business schools. At that time, I mostly considered English-taught programs in Europe, but my financial capabilities were limited. One day I received an email where ALBA, which provided me with an irrefutable offer.

Did the GMASS service help you achieve your recruiting goals?

Zoe Kourounakou: GMASS is one of the few tools we use for attracting top candidates for scholarship offerings. It’s the only way for us to identify the top quality students who not only have proved their academic excellent background, but also have the best potential for their future career. With GMASS, we know we have direct access to top candidates that we are able to offer generous and competitive scholarships.

Did opting into the GMASS database meet your expectations?

Bekhzod Kayumov: When I started looking for graduate programs, I mostly used and relied on information provided by different rankings. However, it was a difficult task to find out a right program that suited my needs. Then I realized that also has very powerful search tools like GMASS. I had no idea about ALBA, but because of GMASS, I was able to closely observe the school from every aspect. 

How did you integrate GMASS contacts into your marketing mix and did it help you reduce costs?

Zoe Kourounakou: Our main objective was to increase the number of GMAT high scorers in our MSc in Finance Program (a CFA partner program), so, accordingly, our main criterion with our GMASS searches was GMAT score. GMASS was easiest and most cost effective way for us to increase the quality of our students. It benefits us in the long run by enhancing our reputation to a group of people with great potential. And of course, this is the best way for us to screen the top candidates.

“GMASS provided an opportunity that seemed beyond my reach. But now I can say that through GMASS, I came with up right decision and found the program that best for me.”

Bekhzod Kayumov
MSc in Finance Candidate
ALBA Graduate Business School