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November 2016

The Newsletter of the Graduate Management Admission Council

Make It Happen: Five Mobile Apps to Make Your Life Easier

Productivity apps, whether for calendaring, travel, e-commerce or a host of other uses, represent a crowded playing field, so navigating the useful from the not-so-useful can be challenging.

Professional Development Tips

The market for mobile apps is big and keeps getting bigger. According to mobile app market research App Annie, by 2020 the app economy could double in size to $101 billion. Check out this round-up of five business productivity apps that may make your life easier.

1. UberConference: UberConference, developed by Google Voice, aims to simplify conference calls through a more visual user experience. Mute callers, share your screen, and dial in additional callers with an app that integrates with Google Hangout. The app is offered through two account types: A basic free package and a business package the offers international access, analytics, and toll-free calling, among other features.

2. Adobe Sign: A product that eliminates several steps from the process of sending and receiving signed documents. Great for anyone on the go, Adobe Sign lets you securely sign and manage documents by digitally accessing, receiving, and sending documents without the trouble of looking through and scanning hard copies of paperwork. Also check out SignEasy for a mobile, paper-free solution.

3. AppointmentPlus: Send email reminders with Appointment-Plus, a mobile scheduling app that minimizes the chances of having a no-show for an appointment. For free, or for a monthly or annual fee, you can access the app from any device with an Internet connection. Use easily updated online software that can be accessed from any device with an Internet connection.

4. Expensify: Manage your teams’ expense reports with this app, which lets you track business expenses, mileage and receipts. You and your team can easily scan and upload receipts, tickets and other relevant files and submit expense reports with ease. The app features reporting and submitting, approval, reimbursement, and accounting sync functionality.

5. Tripit: For the frequent traveler, Tripit lets you manage your flights, rental cars, and hotels. The app also features weather updates, maps, and directions to make sure you get to your destination hassle-free. Forward your confirmation plans, get your master itinerary, and access your plan from anywhere.