Graduate Management News

November 2016

The Newsletter of the Graduate Management Admission Council

Enhancements to GMASS™ Search Service Coming in January

Recruit with greater precision: New features rolling out on January 2, 2017 will add value to the GMASS subscriber experience.


Current and future subscribers to GMAC’s Graduate Management Admission Search Service (GMASS) global database of more than 500,000 qualified graduate management education leads, will benefit from the following enhancements as of January 2, 2017 – all designed to help you recruit talent for your next class with even greater precision:

  • Search by GMAT exam date
  • More Precise Data and Custom Searching: Schools will be able to search for and view candidate GMAT score ranges in increments of 20 points (3 possible scores) rather than 30 points (4 possible scores). For the following fields, we will be providing an exact number rather than a range. Schools will be also able to select their own custom lower- and upper-bounds during their GMASS search, rather than using predefined ranges.
    • Age
    • Years of work experience
  • Improved viability of the candidate pool: GMAC also is working on several ongoing initiatives to ensure that each name purchased from the GMASS database is a qualified and viable candidate who is looking forward to hearing from you:
    • Initiatives to remove candidates from the database in the timeliest manner, when they are no longer interested in hearing from schools.
    • New candidate-facing marketing campaigns to educate candidates about the value of GMASS searches and encourage increased opt-ins.
    • Additional candidate-facing campaigns to encourage them to complete their profiles, especially on popular search fields.

Full details on the enhancements, including a sample Download File and Walk-Through Guide, are available here.