Graduate Management News

May 2016

The Newsletter of the Graduate Management Admission Council

Make it Happen: Turn Your Morning Routine into Morning Gold

Discover what successful people do in the morning to boost their productivity.

Professional Development Tips

"The early morning has gold in its mouth"

— Benjamin Franklin

You don’t have to rise at 4 am like Ben Franklin to boost your productivity, but there are many things you can do to turn your morning into gold. Here are five you can start now.

  1. Exercise. Whether it’s a morning yoga routine, a mile or two on your home treadmill, or a trip to the gym, exercising before work can boost your energy for the day. Even waking up 15 minutes early for some pushups or stretching can make a difference. Taking some time to get the blood flowing will help you all day long.

  2. Eat a Healthy Breakfast. We demand that our kids leave for school on a full stomach, so why shouldn't we make the same demand of ourselves? Take time in the morning to fuel your body for the demands of your day. A meal in the morning kick starts your body’s metabolism and replenishes blood sugar levels, helping you remain focused.

  3. Pick three priorities and map out a plan for them. Jot down the three most important things that will make the biggest difference in your day and plan around them. Remember that a to-do list is only as effective as the execution plan. Assign each task a block of time and try to stick to it throughout the day. Here’s a tip: do the least desirable first, so that instead of anticipating the unpleasantness of that item, you get it out of the way. The morning is a good time for this as it is often one of the only quiet times a person gets throughout the day. Early hours allow for the uninterrupted reflection time needed to prioritize and gain some much needed perspective on tasks and goals.

  4. Do something for you. It may seem impossible, given the demands of family, commuting, and everything else you need to do to get out the door, but carving out time to do something for you, whether it be a side project, a passion, such as working on that novel, or just an enjoyable hobby, like doing the daily crossword puzzle over coffee, will put you in a positive frame of mind as you face the demands of the day.

  5. Dress for success. There is something to be said for dressing the part. Clothes make a strong visual statement about how you see yourself and how you want others to see you. Start your day off by sending a message to the world that you’re a professional and have respect for your colleagues and your clients.