Graduate Management News

May 2016

The Newsletter of the Graduate Management Admission Council

Geographic Trend Reports Now Available in Excel Format as Well as PDF

New downloadable versions GMAC reports now let you drill down to the data you need, for analytics, presentations, and more.


As announced in the February issue, our new generation of GMAC Geographic Trend Reports offers the deepest and broadest analysis to date of the prospective student pipeline for graduate management education. For the first time, the Geographic Trend Report series features individual country-level reports—nearly 160—that bring together current and historical GMAT market demand, student mobility trends, program interest, and GMAC survey data with external data sources on the projected size of the prospective student pipeline.

Now, we’ve made our Geographic Trend Reports available to GMAT accepting schools in Excel format, as well as PDF format. Take your pick of nearly 160 individual country reports spanning world regions and download each report in formats that allow you to perform your own targeted analytics, add to presentations, and share with your larger admissions team.

Looking for a snapshot that sums up what’s going on in the Chinese pipeline? Now you can download the Excel file and pull the data. Interested in any reservations a particular group may have about pursuing graduate management education? Find out at the country level and include the results in your next presentation.

Actionable Geographic Trends data in PDF or Excel puts you in greater control of your recruiting goals. Visit to learn more.