Graduate Management News

January 2016

The Newsletter of the Graduate Management Admission Council

Market Intelligence Can Drive Your Decision Making

GMAC research provides valuable insights for every step of the student lifecycle — from candidates’ first consideration of business school to successful alumni’s career progression.

GMAC Research Lifecycle

GMAC Research can help drive your strategic decision making at every point of the student lifecycle. Below, we’ll take you this lifecycle, highlighting the research tools that can help.

  • Start with the GMAC Prospective Students Survey, the largest data resource of its kind, to help you develop data-driven strategic plans. This survey offers deep insights into the next generation of graduate business school students—their needs, motivations, behaviors, program choices, and intended career outcomes. 

  • GMAC Research Lifecycle

    Next, take a look at our Profile of GMAT Testing Reports to make informed decisions about recruiting and goal setting. These reports offer detailed analysis of the demographic and study preference data collected from roughly a quarter million GMAT exams taken around the world each year.

  • GMAC’s annual assessment of application volume trends, the Application Trends Survey, yields valuable analyses on program demand, class composition, and more to help you gauge your performance compared with global and regional trends. The survey offers timely insights into demographic shifts and other factors defining the candidate pools for the coming year’s application cycle.

  • The Corporate Recruiters Survey provides a detailed picture of the current employment landscape, analyzes hiring demand for business school talent, and reveals the latest trends and hiring practices from across industries and world regions. Data from this survey provide a critical feedback loop between employers and business schools, allowing forward-thinking administrators to tailor their program curriculum to the needs of modern businesses

  • A global profile of business school alumni, the Alumni Perspectives Survey details the career progression and points of view of graduates from across the decades. The survey can help you assess the value of the education you’re delivering, and how it has benefited your alumni personally, professionally, and financially.

  • And finally, the Geographic Trend Reports features data that is pulled from a diverse array of sources to provide comprehensive and far-reaching analyses not available anywhere else.

To learn more about GMAC Research and how it can help drive your decisions, download the "GMAC Research: Market Intelligence for Every Step in the Student Lifecycle" brochure (pdf).