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December 2016

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Research Insights: December 2016 Featured Content

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Uncovering Candidates’ Core Motivations Can Foster More Impactful Outreach

A new white paper outlines the findings of the GMAC Global Graduate Management Education Segmentation Study.

December 8, 2016

To maximize limited marketing and recruitment budgets, business schools need new ways to connect with and attract the right mix of candidates. In 2016, GMAC partnered with Ipsos, a well-known market research firm, to carry out a segmentation study designed to help schools enhance their marketing and recruitment operations. Read more.

Return on Investment of B-School Goes Beyond the Financial Calculation

To convert more inquiring candidates into applicants, admissions recruiters may succeed by highlighting the non-financial outcomes of a graduate business degree.

December 13, 2016

Though it makes sense that future business school candidates would have their eyes on the monetary profitability of their investment, the survey data show there are non-financial criteria that also factor highly in candidate decisions to invest in a graduate management education. communicating these nonfinancial returns on a degree from their institution may help recruitment and admissions professionals have more success converting inquiring candidates to applicants. Read more.

Majority of Accounting Programs Report Application Volume Declines in 2016

Nearly half of these master’s programs report plans to reduce the size of their incoming class.

December 15, 2016

Master of Accounting programs have now had four consecutive years with less than half of programs reporting application volume growth. This year, many programs (48%) reacted by reporting plans to reduce the size of their 2016 incoming class. Read more.