Graduate Management News

August 2016

The Newsletter of the Graduate Management Admission Council

Updated Salary Estimator Interactive Tool: Let Your Students Estimate Their Post-MBA Earning Potential

Our updated and improved Salary Estimator makes it even easier for your students to estimate the salary they can expect after they get their b-school degree.


Last year, we made it easy for business school students to estimate what they might earn with their degree with an interactive tool based on GMAC data from more than 6,600 alumni. We’ve now designed a more interactive and user-friendly version of the salary estimator tool that invites users to explore our data and see what they can earn with an MBA at several job levels in several different industries.

Please note: this data is US only, but many international schools find this information to be useful for students looking to study and work in the US.

Schools and programs that are interested in embedding the interactive tool on their websites can contact their GMAC representative or Jeremy Garafalo, digital product marketing manager, at

Salary Estimator