Graduate Management News

September 2015

The Newsletter of the Graduate Management Admission Council

Quantify the ROI of Attending Your B-School

Attract your next class by putting numbers to your alumni’s personal, professional, and financial success.

The ROI of Attending Business School

Individuals are often motivated to consider business school for the opportunity to enhance their future careers, but worry about the large financial debt required to do so.[1] In selecting a business school, they want to know that those who came before them found the kind of success they’re seeking for themselves.

That’s why being able to quantify the return your alumni received on their b-school investment can make for a particularly powerful recruitment message.

A totally free and easy way to access such data is to participate in GMAC’s Alumni Perspectives Survey—the most widely used and prominently cited survey of its kind in the graduate management industry. It launches October 7, so sign up today

This year’s survey will feature all-new questions on ROI and what we call “value in 3D”: the personal, professional, and financial benefits of graduate management education.

Participating schools get exclusive access to the full range of data collected, including:

  • Access to the interactive data report, which allows you and your colleagues to view custom slices of data with our easy-to-use interface (see last year's report)
  • A customized benchmark report to compare your alumni’s responses to those of competitor schools of your choice (see a sample at Benchmark Reports)
  • An advance copy of the summary report before it goes public

By participating, your school will receive your alumni respondents’ updated contact information and specific details on how each wants to engage with your school. The potential benefits to your school are huge, spanning across multiple areas, including:

  • Recruitment—Beyond highlighting survey data in your recruitment messaging, you’ll learn which of your alumni are interested in being recruiters themselves and acting as a brand ambassador for your school.
  • Career services—Last year’s survey found that 22 percent of alumni want to recruit recent graduates and other alumni for their employer, and 38 percent are interested in mentoring recent graduates. Survey participation will identify these alumni for your school.
  • Mentoring current students—More than 1 in 3 alumni surveyed last year (36%) reported interest in visiting campuses to speak with current students, and a quarter specifically expressed interest in acting as a resource for specialized groups, such as women or underrepresented populations. Create these opportunities for your students by engaging alumni with our survey.

Sign up today and tap into the strength of your alumni base!