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January 2015

The Newsletter of the Graduate Management Admission Council

Kick Start 2015 with GMAC Promotional Opportunities

Put GMAC at the top of your resolution list by letting us help you get your message and your program in front of thousands of prospective students and colleagues this year.

GMAC offers several opportunities for admissions professionals from GMAT accepting schools to spread the word about their programs. Two of the more popular and effective ways to reach students and colleagues are the Ask the Expert blog on and Graduate Management News, our monthly professional newsletter that reaches thousands of your colleagues and decision-makers in graduate management education. 

Share Your Expertise With an Ask the School Expert Blog 

Prospective students who are in the b-school decision-making process value your insights. Share your expertise on a variety of topics through our widely read Ask the Expert blog, featured on and promoted through our student-facing social media channels. Contributing a blog, whether written or video, on any topic related to the GMAT exam or the b-school application process puts you front and center on, viewed by potential candidates about 460,000 times per month. 

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We'll feature your insights for approximately two weeks, and the content will be archived and available to prospective students indefinitely. Each new blog post is promoted on the homepage of along with a photo of the author. The blog is also promoted on the Official GMAT Facebook page, the Official GMAT Twitter page and through promotional email marketing to students. Ask the School Expert blogs have received over 110,000 views in the past year, averaging about 9,000 views per month. 

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Submit your Participate in Promotional Opportunities form and we will contact you to coordinate a topic (you may select one from a list of questions we hear frequently from students, or you may suggest your own), develop a schedule, and provide tips and information. 

Share Tips and Experiences with Your Peers in Graduate Management News 

Guest columnists (graduate management professionals) address issues that are relevant to all graduate management professionals – globally or regionally. Do you have a social media success story you’d like to share? Are you leveraging a software tool that’s enabling you to do your job better? Have you read an inspiring book that relates to your professional life? Would you like to review a great conference you just attended? Share these insights with your peers. All columns will run with an accompanying photo of you and a link back to your program’s website. 

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Your featured column provides you with a unique opportunity to promote your program and position yourself as a key influencer in graduate management education. 

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Contributing is easy. Select from a list of prospective topics and sign up. We will then follow up to discuss topics and review editorial guidelines.