Graduate Management News

February 2015

The Newsletter of the Graduate Management Admission Council

GMAT Enhanced Score Report: Improving the Test-taking Experience to Grow the Candidate Pipeline

In January, prospective graduate business students and GMAT test takers worldwide gained invaluable insight into their performance with the introduction of the GMAT Enhanced Score Report (ESR). In addition to the usual section scores and total scores, test takers can now see how they performed on the specific skills tested within each section, how long it took them to complete each question, and compare their skill level with other test takers from the past three years. 

With tools that help candidates take control of their studies and gain greater confidence in their abilities, a positive GMAT experience will guide them to their highest score yet. From how and where to focus their studies to test-taking strategy and getting familiar with the exam, the total GMAT experience is designed to make test takers feel comfortable and perform their best, so you can fill your programs with better prepared applicants whom you consider to be your best and brightest.

Key features include: 

  • Overall section performance ranking 
  • Sub-section ranking 
  • Time management ranking 
  • Percentage of questions answered correctly 
  • Average response time 
  • Ability to benchmark against other test takers from the past three years 
  • Customized summary report for each section that assesses strengths and weaknesses 


The ESR is designed to help test takers feel comfortable and perform their best, so that you can fill your programs with students who are best prepared for business school and beyond. The Report is available for exams completed after October 1, 2013 at a cost of US$30.

To learn more, view our online demo and download our ESR Fact Sheet PDF File Format for your prospective candidates.